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It’s one thing to learn how to play pickleball, but it’s quite another to learn the strategies for playing doubles—and winning! After all, you need to know how to position yourself on the court for optimum results, how to select shots, and many other decisions you need to make on the fly.

In addition to practicing your game consistently, learning from the pros is a non-negotiable. Thankfully, many of these pros are willing to share their knowledge by creating very helpful videos to help you improve.

Best Doubles Pickleball Videos to Improve Your Game:

To help you improve your strategy for playing pickleball doubles, we have compiled a few videos for you: 

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101: How to Play Smart Pickleball, Ten Tips

Joe Baker, co-author of the book How to Play Pickleball: The Complete Guide from A to Z gives his top ten tips, such as those on court positioning and shot selection, to help you play smart pickleball. 

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 103: Don’t Hit Out Balls, Six Easy Rules 

In this video, Joe Baker teaches you how to stop hitting out balls, an important skill for playing an effecive doubles game. 

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 104: How to Achieve Pinpoint Placement Accuracy 

This video is based on the book How to Play Pickleball: The Complete Guide from A to Z by Coach Mo and Joe Baker, and teaches you how to get the ball to go exactly where you want it to go, a priceless skill when playing doubles.

Doubles Pickleball Strategy & Creating Offense with the “Step Back” Dink (Advanced)

This video comes to us from PrimeTime Pickleball, and shows you an effective technique that pros use but may not be widely known. 

Doubles Pickleball Strategy: How to Avoid Unforced Errors and Getting Attacked When Dinking 

PrimeTime Pickleball brings us this video to show you how to make the right shot choice at the net, and helps you understand the importance of having smart pickleball strategy especially in the non volley zone. 

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 106: Return and Serve Like a Pro 

Joe Baker brings us up a notch in this video on how to serve and return shots in doubles pickleball exactly like how the pros do it. 

Advanced Doubles Pickleball – Helle Sparre Clinic – Pickleball Diary #22

This half-hour video by Coach David will teach you the basics of playing doubles pickleball all the way to playing your first tournament.

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 107: Six Steps to Improve Your Backhand Capability and Power 

This video by Joe Baker will help you put more power into your backhand, an important skill for mastering doubles pickleball.