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About Us

Pickleball Oasis is dedicated to providing the best and most helpful information for Pickleball players whether you’re brand new or a professional playing in PPA tournaments.

We created Pickleball Oasis because we noticed hundreds of questions every day in various Pickleball Facebook groups where players weren’t getting as much information, detail, advice, and support as they were looking for. Every piece of information on this site is designed to help you learn exactly what you need to know, whether you want to buy a new Pickleball paddle, learn how to serve, or learn more about advanced Pickleball strategy.


Tom Corson-Knowles is the founder of Pickleball Oasis. He plays at the 4.5 level in various tournaments in the Midwest and is currently training to become a professional Pickleball player. His coach is Rick Witsken, one of the top Pickleball professionals in the world.

Tom is also a bestselling author of 28 books including Schedule Your Success, Destroy Your Distractions, and You Can’t Cheat Success and founder of TCK Publishing, a traditional book publishing company whose mission is to help as many authors as possible earn a full-time living from their writing.