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When you’re thinking about buying a paddle for Pickleball, there are a few things you should know so you can pick the best paddle for your body type, size, and playstyle.

Paddle Fit

The first thing you need to make absolutely certain of is that you’re going to be able to use the paddle well.

That means the grip should fit your hands, the handle is the right size for your needs, it’s not too heavy or too light, and the face of the paddle is a size and type that works for you.

Grip Size

If the grip circumference is too big or small for your hands, it will force you to grip the paddle uncomfortably, making you much more likely to develop an injury like tennis elbow, so it’s important you pick a paddle with the right grip size or modify the grip on your paddle to better fit your hand.

Regardless of which paddle you have now or plan to buy, you might want to consider customizing your paddle grip with an over-grip tape so you can wrap your paddle handle to a better size for you.

Handle Length

The length of paddle handles range from 4″ to 6.25″ which is a huge difference. If you plan to use a two-handed backhand, you will most likely appreciate a much longer handle length so that you can more comfortable fit both hands on the grip.

If you don’t use a two-handed backhand and don’t plan to, simply pick a handle length that’s comfortable for you, or use other factors to decide which paddle to buy.

Paddle Weight

The weight of a paddle is a big deal because it will affect how much power you’ll get with each shot and how your paddle feels when you’re swinging it.

However, because you can simply buy lead tape and add as much as you need to any paddle to increase the weight significantly, the actual weight of the paddle you buy is not very important because it’s so easy to add more weight. In fact, we highly recommend you select lighter-weight paddles so you can try them out and then add as much tape as you need to find the perfect weight for you.


Once you’ve found some paddles that fit your body, it’s time to analyze their performance to see if it fits your play style and the type of feel you’re looking for when you play.

That means you need to understand the control, power, paddle face texture, and sweet spot or your paddles.


Control is by far the most important factor for every Pickleball player, except maybe for a handful of pros. That’s because having great control of your shots so that you can place them in the right spot will more consistently help you win more points than hitting more powerful shots. “Placement over power” as they say.

Some powers have significantly more control or “touch” than other paddles, and unless you have a very good reason, we highly suggest you select paddles that give your more control instead of ones that give you more power.

Most pro players will play with paddles they feel give them more control in doubles. For singles, some pros will select paddles that give them more power so that they can hit better passing shots.


Hitting powerful shots is a lot of fun and it’s an important part of the game at higher levels. Some paddles do produce significantly more power than others, so you should select a paddle that gives you good power. However, you should not simply look to maximize power while sacrificing control.

Sweet Spots

Every paddle has a different area where the sweet spots are and are not. The sweet spot is a spot on a paddle where when you hit the ball it bounces with full power. If you hit a ball with the center of your paddle, it will feel good and fly through the air with good power and accuracy. If you hit a ball close to the edge of your paddle, that might not be a sweet spot and you may lose power and consistency of your shots.

Sweet spots are notoriously hard to measure, so don’t take too much stock in what you read online about the sweet spots of one paddle or another. Try them out for yourself to see which ones feel better.


Prices for pickleball paddles range from the cheapest for less than lunch to the most expensive at $160 or more.

If you’re shopping based on price, we highly recommend picking paddles that are affordable and come with some kind of performance guarantee. Buying a $40 paddle that wears out in a few months might end up costing you more than buying a much more expensive paddle that lasts longer.

Guarantees and Warranties

Some paddle companies like Paddletek and Engage provide warranties of up to a year and have very generous return and replacement policies, while some companies provide no warranties, guarantees, or replacements. We recommend making sure there’s a warranty for any paddle you buy, especially if you’re spending buying a more expensive paddle.

Composite Pickleball Paddles

Paddle NameWeight Range (in ounces)Grip SizeWidth (in inches)Handle Length (in inches)Price
AMPED S2 by Selkirk7.4-7.9 (Lt)
8.0-8.5 (Std)
4" (Thin Grip) or 4 1/4" (Standard Grip) Medium84-3/4$149.99
AMPED Epic by Selkirk7.3-7.8 (Lt)
7.9-8.4 (Std)
4" (Thin Grip) or 4 1/4" (Standard Grip) Medium85-1/4$79.99
AMPED Invikta by Selkirk7.3-7.8 (Lt)
7.9-8.4 (Std)
4" (Small) or 4 1/4" (Medium)7.3755-1/4$149.99
AMPED Maxima by Selkirk7.2-7.7 (Lt)
7.8-8.3 (Std)
4" (Thin/Small) 4 1/4" (Standard/Medium)6-7/85-1/4$200.00
Bantam EX-L Pro by Paddletek8.2-8.84 1/8" (Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)7-7/84 3/4$149.99
Bantam TS-5 Pro by Paddletek7.0-7.5 (Lt)
7.6-8.0 (Std)
4 1/8" (Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)7-7/84 3/4$99.99
Champion PolyPro by Pickleball, Inc7.7-8.04 1/4” (Medium7 3/45$69.99
Champion Spark by Pickleball, Inc6.7-7.04” (Small)85$59.99
Chrome NRG by PROLITE7.6-7.84 1/4" (Medium)7 5/164-1/2$108.99
Crush PowerSpin by PROLITE7.7-8.04 1/8" (Small)7 7/85-1/2$99.00
Dart Paddle by GAMMA7.3-7.54 1/8" (Small)7 1/24 3/4$69.95
Elite Pro by Engage7.5-8.34 1/4" (Medium)85$124.99
Elite Pro Maverick by Engage7.5-7.8 (Lite)
7.9-8.3 (Std)
4 1/4" (Medium)7.56$129.99
Elite Pro X by Engage7.5-7.8 (Lite)
7.9-8.3 (Std)
4 1/4" (Medium)8.1255$134.99
Encore 6.0 by Engage7.5-7.8 (Lite)
7.9-8.3 (Std)
4 1/8" (Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)8.1255$149.99
Encore EX 6.0 by Engage7.5-7.8 (Lite)
7.9-8.3 (Std)
4 1/8" (Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)85$149.99
Encore MX 6.0 by Engage7.5-7.8 (Lite)
7.9-8.3 (Std)
4 1/8" (Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)86$149.99
Encore Composite by Engage7.2-8.04 1/4" (Medium)84 3/4$109.99
Encore Pro by Engage7.8-8.44 1/4" (Medium)84 3/4$104.99
Evoke Pro by Onix7.8-8.24 1/4" (Medium)8 1/165$96.99
Evoke Teardrop Composite by Onix7.0-7.54 3/8" (Medium85-1/2$69.93
Evoke XL Composite by Onix7.1-7.54 1/4" (Medium)7-5/85-1/4$89.75
Extreme Elite-2019 by Head7.7-7.94 1/4" (Medium)7-7/85$48.89
Fusion 2.0 Composite Paddle by GAMMA7.8-8.04 1/8” (Small)8-1/45$59.99
Juice by Wilson7.6-8.04 1/8” (Small)8 1/45$109.00
Juice XL by Wilson7.2-7.64 1/8” (Small)6 3/45$99.00
JuniorShot by OneShot5.3-6.04” (Small)6.9-7.43.4-3.8$39.99
Latitude by Selkirk6.9-7.54 1/8” (Small)8 1/45 1/4$59.99
GAMMA Legend7.9-8.44 1/8” (Small)84 3/4$114.99
Margaritaville 5 O'Clock Somewhere by HEAD8.0-8.34 1/4" (Medium)7 7/85$76.95
Margaritaville Washed in the Ocean by HEAD7.6-7.94 1/4" (Medium)7 7/85$46.58
GAMMA Mirage Composite7.8-8.24 1/8” (Small)84 3/4$79.95
Phoenix G6 by Paddletek7.8-8.14 1/4" (Medium)7-3/45$69.99
Phoenix Genesis by Paddletek7.4-7.84 1/4" (Medium)7-3/45$89.99
Phoenix Genesis Pro by Paddletek7.8-8.24 1/4" (Medium)7-3/45$119.99
Poach Advantage by Engage7.9-8.34 1/4" (Medium)85$179.95
Poach Extreme by Engage7.5-7.8 (LITE)
7.9-8.3 (STD)
4 1/4" (Medium)75$149.99
Poach Icon by Engage7.9-8.34 1/4" (Medium)85$154.99
PowerShot by OneShot8.0-8.54 1/4" (Medium) or 4-1/2" (Large)7.45 1/4$89.95
PRIME S2 X4 by Selkirk7.4-7.94" (Small) or 4 1/4" (Medium)84 3/4$79.99
ProShot by OneShot7.4-8.24 1/4" (Medium) or 4-1/2" (Large)7.95 3/8$130
Quantum Pro by Prince Pickleball7.4-7.84 1/8" (Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)7 3/86$127.99
Radical Elite Composite by HEAD8.0-8.34 1/4" (Medium)7-7/85$58.95
Radical Tour CO by HEAD7.9-8.24 1/4" (Medium)7-7/85$99.95
Rally Tyro 2 Pro by PickleballCentral7.6-8.04 1/4" (Medium)7-3/45$59.99
Rally Tyro 2 by PickleballCentral6.7-7.04" (Small)7-3/45$74.99
Response by Prince Pickleball6.9-7.64 1/8" (Small) or 4 1/4” (Medium)8 1/45$73.99
Response Pro by Prince Pickleball7.2-7.7 (LT)
7.8-8.3 (STD)
4 1/8"(Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)8 1/45 1/2$134.95
Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro7.9-8.44 1/8" (Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)7 3/86 1/4$129.99
Spectrum Pro by Prince Pickleball7.2-7.7 (LT)
7.8-8.3 (STD)
4 1/8"(Small) or 4 3/8" (Large)8 1/45$127.99
Stryker 4 Composite by Onix7.1-7.74 1/4” (Medium)7-5/85$69.99
Trident by Engage7.7-8.14 1/4” (Medium)8 1/85$99.99
UltimateShot Series Paddle by OneShot7.6-8.14 1/4" (Medium) or 4 1/2” (Large)8.15 1/4$89.95
Vertex by Onix8.5-8.94 1/2” (Large)8 1/84 1/2$98.75
V530 Power by Vulcan8.4-8.64 1/2” (Large)84 3/4$99.99
V540 Hybrid by Vulcan7.8-8.24 1/2” (Large)7 3/44 3/4$119.99
Z5 Composite by Onix8.4-9.24 1/4” (Medium)8-1/85$89.97

Graphite Pickleball Paddles

Graphite PaddlesWeight Range (in ounces)Grip Size (Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8”)Width (in inches)Handle Length (in inches)Price
Champion Eclipse by Pickleball, Inc7.3-7.84” (Small)7.755$64.99
Champion Graphite Elite by Pickleball, Inc7.1-7.44 1/4” (Medium)85 1/2$84.99
Champion Graphite X by Pickleball, Inc7.8-8.14 1/4” (Medium)84 3/4$84.99
Champion Graphite XL by Pickleball, Inc7.8-8.14 1/4” (Medium)7 1/44 1/2$84.99
Compass Graphite by GAMMA7.9-8.44 1/8" (Small)7-1/84 3/4$139.99
Compass LH Elongated by GAMMA7.1-7.34 1/8" (Small)7-1/86 1/4$139.99
Cypher Pro by PROLITE7.7-8.04 1/4” (Medium)7-5/164 3/4$149.99
Electrum Pro Graphite by Electrum7.6-8.24 1/4” (Medium)8-1/85$149.99
Evoke Graphite by Onix6.8-7.24 1/2” (Large)8-1/85-1/2$69.93
Extreme Lite Graphite by HEAD7.3-7.54 1/4” (Medium)7-7/85$99.95
Extreme Tour by HEAD7.5-7.84 1/4” (Medium)7-7/85$99.95
Gravity by HEAD7.6 (Lite)
8.1 (Standard)
4 1/4” (Medium)8 1/104 1/2$146.95
Ignite Hybrid by PROLITE7.6-8.34 1/8" (Small)7 7/84 7/8$89.00
Jester Graphite by GAMMA7.4-7.64 1/8" (Small)7 1/24 3/4$109.95
Kinetic Ovation by ProKennex7.7-8.04” (Small)7 5/84 7/8$119.95
Kinetic Pro Speed by ProKennex7.9-8.24” (Small)7 5/84 7/8$159.95
Large Titan by PROLITE8.0 - 8.44 1/4” (Medium)8 3/164 3/4$158.99
Magnum Graphite Stealth by PROLITE6.6-7.54 1/4” (Medium)7-3/44 3/4$98.99
Margaritaville Chill by HEAD7.8-8.24 1/4” (Medium)7-7/85$99.95
Margaritaville Fins by HEAD7.7-8.24 1/4” (Medium)7-7/85$78.37
Margaritaville Fins Up by HEAD7.5-7.74 1/4” (Medium)74 2/3$99.95
Margaritaville Growing Older by HEAD7.5-7.84 1/4” (Medium)7 7/85$99.95
Margaritaville Sunset by HEAD7.3-7.54 1/4” (Medium)7 7/85$99.95
Needle Graphite by GAMMA7.5-7.84 1/8" (Small)7-1/84 1/4$111.83
Neutron 2.0 Graphite by GAMMA6.8-7.24 1/8" (Small)8 1/85 1/4$84.95
Outbreak by Onix7.8-8.24 3/8” (Large)8 1/85$92.00
Radical Tour GR by HEAD7.8-8.14 1/4” (Medium)7 7/85$114.99
Radical XL by HEAD7.7-8.14 1/4” (Medium)6 7/84 3/4$99.95
Rally Flare Graphite by PickleballCentral7.3-7.84” (Small)7.755$44.99
Rally Graphite Power 5.0 by PickleballCentral8.1-8.54” (Small) / 4 1/4” (Medium)8 1/84 3/4$74.99
Rally PX Graphite by PicklebaCentral7.7-7.94 1/4” (Medium)8 1/84 3/4$69.99
Rally PXL Graphite by PickleballCentral7.6-7.84 1/4” (Medium)7 1/84 1/2$69.99
Rally PXT Graphite by PickleballCentral7.1-7.44 1/4” (Medium)85 1/2$79.99
Rebel Pro by PROLITE7.9-8.24 1/4” (Medium)7 5/85$168.99
React Graphite by Onix7.9-8.34 1/4” (Medium)84 7/8$111.15
RZR Graphite by GAMMA7.5-7.94 1/8" (Small)84-3/4$109.95
Shard Graphite by GAMMA8.0-8.64 1/8" (Small)84 3/4$121.58
Stryker 4 Graphite by Onix7.0-7.44 1/4” (Medium)7-5/85$58.86
SuperNova by PROLITE7.9-8.34 1/8" (Small)8 1/85 1/4$159.00
Tempest Pro Graphite by Paddletek7.2-7.84 1/8" (Small) / 4 3/8” (Large)85 1/4$169.99
Tempest Wave II by Paddletek7.4-7.84 1/4” (Medium)85 1/4$129.99
Titan Black Diamond by PROLITE7.6-8.14 1/4” (Medium)7-13/165$149.00
VANGUARD Hybrid Epic by Selkirk7.4-7.8 (Lightweight)
7.7-8.2 (Midweight)
4 1/4” (Medium)85 1/4$199.99
VANGUARD Hybrid Invikta by Selkirk7.6-7.9 (Lightweight)
7.8-8.3 (Midweight)
4 1/4” (Medium)7.3755 1/4$199.99
VANGUARD Hybrid Mach6 by Selkirk7.6-7.9 (Lightweight)
7.8-8.3 (Midweight)
4 1/4” (Medium)7.3755 7/8$199.99
VANGUARD Hybrid Maxima by Selkirk7.4-7.8 (Lightweight)
7.7-8.3 (Midweight)
4 1/4” (Medium)7.3755 5/8$199.99
VANGUARD Hybrid S2 by Selkirk7.5-7.9 (Lightweight)
7.8-8.3 (Midweight)
4 1/4” (Medium)84 3/4$199.99
Voltage 2.0 by GAMMA7.4-7.84 1/8" (Small)8-1/85 1/4$79.99
Voyager Pro by Onix7.8-8.24 1/4” (Medium)8 1/45$99.99
Vulcan V510 by Vulcan7.7-8.14 3/8” (Large)7 3/44 3/4$76.21
Vulcan V550 by Vulcan7.7-8.14 1/4” (Medium)74 1/2$139.99
Z5 Graphite by Onix7.5-8.24 1/4” (Medium)8-1/85$92.99

Wood Pickleball Paddles

Wood PaddlesWeight Range (in ounces)Grip Size (Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8”)Width (in inches)Handle Length (in inches)Price
Diller-Taiwan by Pickleball, Inc9.0-10.64 1/4" (Medium)75-1/213.99
Kanga-Wood by Pickleball, Inc9.0-10.64 1/4" (Medium)75-1/212.99
Rally Meister by PickleballCentral9.0-10.64 1/4" (Medium)75-1/212.99
Swinger by Pickleball Inc9.7-114” (Small)84-1/213.99